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18 April 2010 @ 06:07 pm
Hi people~

Finished subbing Question?'s talk back in 2005 (I forgot the date)
Featuring: Ex-Question? Yonemura Daijirou, M.A.D Noda Yuuya, Question? Yodogawa Yoshihiro and Fujiie Kazuyori and also Ex-4TOPS Jimmy Mackey
Sharing it here with you.
You can get the link at my LJ : hikaeru - Yuuya said something good
17 April 2010 @ 04:13 pm
Hi people!
It's me again!
I cut and sub M.A.D. performance from Shokura 2010 April 9 (Thanks to Irea san and Lisa chan for the video)
Feel free to visit me at hikaeru for the video: M.A.D. Move Your Body 59 seconds is enough to take me to Heaven
Thank you.

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Hi people!
I guess, it's been two months (?) since my last post?
Bringing you translation of 14 members of M.A.D. entitled ATTENTION from POTATO March 2006.
Feel free to check my LJ: hikaeru   for the translation.

Part 1: Eda Tsuyoshi・Noda Yuya・Takeuchi Koutarou・Tatsumi Yudai・Matsuzaki Yusuke・Fukuda Yuta・Koshioka Yuki

Part 1: Waragai Ryota・Ikeda Yu・Maeda Hirotoshi T.J.・Yamamoto Ryota・Kato Yukihiro・Hayashi Shota・Kawamura Ryo

Thank you

Hello! ^^

I subbed a little clip from 20100314 episode of Shounen Club about Shintarou and Fuma's graduation, including some other juniors' message during the medley. You can find it HERE at my LJ. Enjoy! 
26 February 2010 @ 06:14 pm
Hi everyone!
I happened to capture and sub Question? old performance; Holy Heaven (Date: 2005.01.16 and 2005.02.20)
Feature: Question? -Yonemura Daijirou, Noda Yuya, Yodogawa Yoshihiro and Fujiie Kazuyori
Feel free to visit my LJ (hikaeru ) for Daijirou x Yuya scandal

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19 February 2010 @ 12:57 pm
Hi everyone!
It's me again!
OMG! I found another criminal in Playzone09!
Check my LJ (hikaeru ) : To find out who's the criminal

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Hi guys!
It's me again! Maybe this might be my pre last post for now as my winter break is at its death XD School will start this Saturday and I'll be busy then.
Just wanna share rough translation of M.A.D from DUET May 2007.
Translation feat.:
* Yamamoto Ryota (M.A.D., Butoukan, TheyBudou)
* Hayashi Shota (M.A.D., TheyBudou)
* Eda Tsuyoshi (M.A.D., TheyBudou)
* Ikeda Yu (M.A.D.)
* Kato Yukihiro (M.A.D.)

Feel free to visit my LJ: hikaeru  for the translation: Cockroach can dive under water?!

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13 February 2010 @ 09:51 am
Hi everyone!
Good day!
I finished translate another interview of M.A.D. last night.
I have no idea on which magazine it was from or from what issue but the title is [RoooooM] featuring talks of Koshioka Yuki, Fukuda Yuta, Tatsumi Yudai and Kawamura Ryo from M.A.D.
Feel free to visit my LJ ( hikaeru  ) for the translation: Yudai and his clothes and big TV

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10 February 2010 @ 02:45 pm

Hi everyone~!

Good day!

Hope everything around you is fine!

I’ve translate old Potato’07 interview of M.A.D


Fukuda Yuuta (M.A.D/ MA-Mix)

Matsuzaki Yuusuke (M.A.D/MA-mix)

Koshioka Yuuki (M.A.D/MA-Mix)

Tatsumi Yuudai (M.A.D/MA-Mix)

Yamamoto Ryouta (M.A.D/Butoukan/TheyBudou)

Takahashi Ryu (M.A.D [at that time]/MADE/TheyBudou/Playzone’09 “I’ll be back boy” XD)

Akiyama Taiga (M.A.D [at that time]/MADE)

Fukushi Nobuki (M.A.D [at that time]/MADE)

Feel free to check it at my journal ( hikaeru ): The Spazzzy Gokiburi got scolded


Hi! Good day, everyone~

I’ve subbed Yara w/ TheyBudou performance of Seppaku no Tsuki & Misty from last Shonen Club


Yara Tomoyuki (M.A/ Butoukan)

Yamamoto Ryouta (M.A.D/Butoukan/TheyBudou)

Eda Tsuyoshi (M.A.D/TheyBudou)

Hayashi Shouta (M.A.D/TheyBudou)

Takahashi Ryu (MADE/TheyBudou/Playzone’09 “I’ll be back boy” XDD)

Feel free to check it at my journal ( hikaeru   ) : I want this boy as my puppy pet!!